Carpet Cleaning The Ins And Outs Of The Job

Carpet cleaning has come quite a ways in the past few years. New innovations have come out both in the machinery used to perform this task as well as the carpets that are now being produced and installed.

The machines are bigger and do a better job. Usually truck mounted, they’re just better then they were, for a lot of reasons. Technology has made it possible to deliver hotter and more targeted cleaning from the newer equipment that’s available.

Carpet cleaners are an aggressive breed and they will usually bend over backwards to get your job. This is because they know if they don’t show up quick and do a thorough job, they won’t get your return business. Too much competition makes it a dog eat dog field.

Two very different ways to clean carpets compete with each other every day. Carpet cleaning will use both systems. A wet system will use steam delivered directly to the carpet through a wide wand. This tool is manufactured especially for the job. Hooked up to a long suction hose, the wand uses steam through a feed line and extracts the water that’s left behind, along with the dirt through the suction line.

Dry system use a buffer. They’re run over a rug after dry chemicals have been introduced. The buffer bores down on the surface of the floor and embeds the powders into the mat of the rug. After the buffing process is complete, the chemicals are vacuumed out and the dirt goes with them.

Your rugs will decide how you have them cleaned. Which way you go wet or dry. A deep pile rug can respond well to a dry cleaning but steam works better to restore the look of the rug. Close nit commercial styles will have excellent results either way.

The difference could be if you need to use the room right away then the dry system may be the way to go. You can have the room cleaned this morning and once they’re finished they’ll be dry to the touching a few minutes and completely dry in an hour or so.

Dry systems make it so you can use the room in a few hours time. A lot more people are going with this type of rug cleaning method as of late. The general consensus is that this is the better way to get the most life out of a carpet. The dry carpet cleaning method is generally what an office cleaner will use when cleaning carpets in an office enviroment or showroom. This way the carpet will be dry quite fast.

The cost to have your rugs professional cleaned is about the same as it costs to rent a steam cleaner and do the job all by yourself. The difference being of course the labor factor and how long your back may hold out.

The business of carpet cleaning is sustained industry in the area. There is never a shortage of jobs for the go getter. New types of equipment, that must be used to be competitive, are a factor that keeps a lot of people from getting into this business. Trying to open a start up company is a difficult endeavor for most.